Woah! They sang T.M. Revolution & Nana Mizuki’s “Preserved Roses" (in TAKARAZUKA ∞ 夢眩) :D

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Takarazuka Review: “Edward VIII” (Tsukigumi 2012)


Main Cast: 
Edward (David) - Kiriya Hiromu
Wallis Simpson - Aono Yuki
Guy Burgess - Ryuu Masaki
Godfrey Thomas - Asumi Rio

General opinion on the play, the music etc. 
Don’t watch this if your Japanese isn’t really good. I am studying it and I had question marks over my head the entire second act. That’s because it is about Prince David/King Edward VIII and (next to his love story with the American Wallis Simpson) his political/economical duties. So there is lots of Keigo (very polite way of speaking) and a muddle of spies, intrigues etc etc. Over half of the play is just conversations, so know Japanese or get the script. 
But even though it is a bit confusing sometimes it is a very interesting and highly unusual play (for Takarazuka). It has romance in it but it - fortunately - isn’t jumping into your face the whole time.
The focus is on Kiriyan and Aono-san completely, even Masaki and Mirio have only very little roles. Which is a bit sad but as it was Kiriyan’s retirement show it is very fitting.

 The music wasn’t exactly disappointing but it also wasn’t THAT memorable. I’m sure if I listen to it a few times I will grow to like all the songs. The best song definitely was Kiriyan’s final solo which was perfect for her beautiful and dashing voice.
As the setting was England in the early 20th century the costumes (especially for the ladies) were so so beautiful and elegant and emphasizing their femaleness.

On to the cast

Like I said,the focus is on Kiriya Hiromu’s Edward and she was, as usual, rocking this character. His sassy comments, the elegance of a prince/king and the seriousness throughtout the play were really playing in her hands. I felt like the songs were made to really let her voice shine one last time. Not to mention that she looked perfect - like a real gentleman and that is what being an otokoyaku is all about,isn’t it?

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There’s actually a full translation that caithion posted here: http://www.caithion.net/takara/edward-viii-script.html. Of course, please heed her request and use it only to follow along with your DVD/check your understanding :)